War on Women: Senator Hitlery Rotten Klinton Paid Female Staffers Less than Males

In the goosestepping march and oom pah pah band drumbeat leading up to the 2016 sham election, you’ll be bombarded with rhetoric about the Republikan “War on Women.”  I can assure you that we will all be thoroughly sick and tired of the “War on Women” mantra by the time of the New Hampshire Primary in 2016, and will be fighting a gag reflex about the issue by Halloween of that year.

Get ready for it.  It is unstoppable.  Like it or lump it.

One aspect of the “War on Women” you will be forcefed propaganda about, involves wage disparities between the genders.  Men are paid more than women because those who stand up to urinate dominate the world and leverage their privilege in an unholy cabal to oppress females.  It’s a classic Marxist talking point, actually.

There are all sorts of rational, reasonable, coherent explanations that account for why males in the workforce make more than females.  Males dominate, fairly or unfairly, high-paying job fields in technology and engineering.  Females tend to gravitate towards fields of work that traditionally pay less, like teaching.

Moreover, when a family members needs care, such as an ailing parent or a child, it is the female who generally leaves the workforce or takes a leave of absence to provide said care.  Males have and can certainly take care of a sick child or parent, but overwhelmingly, this role falls upon woman.  The net result of this role as caretaker is that females lose valuable seniority and experience, thus leading to lower wages.

I wonder if the lamestream media will ask former Senator and Secretary of Hate, and presumptive Demokratic Party presidential nominee, Hitlery Rotten Klinton why she fired her own misogynistic salvo in the War on Women.  While a carpetbagger Senator for New York in the first years of this century, Klinton paid female staffers less than males.

It’s true.  Check out this article on the subject, courtesy of the Washington Times.  Klinton paid female staffers 72 cents less than her aides who possessed testicles.

From 2002 to 2008, the median annual salary for Mrs. Clinton’s female staffers was $15,708.38 less than what was paid to men, the report said. Women earned a slightly higher median salary than men in 2005, coming in at $1.04. But in 2006, they earned 65 cents for each dollar men earned, and in 2008, they earned only 63 cents on the dollar, The Free Beacon reported.

I wonder if the media will play gotcha with Mrs. Klinton on this topic?  Somehow, I doubt it.
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A List of Proven False Flags: How many can you name not yet clarified?

Uncle Andy:

There are such things as false flags, whether Statists like it or not.

Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

“A history of false flag attacks used to manipulate the minds of the people! In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I occasionally discuss false flags created by governments and organizations to induce a given social reaction.  I don’t believe everything is a conspiracy theory, or a false flag but I am extremely distrustful of conglomerations of people when they are trying “collectively” to get something done.  I read the work of Friedrich Nietzsche at a very young age and his view of the individual versus the collective—such as the phrase above—have become a fundamental part of the way I view the world largely because I have been able to confirm the results with experience.  For instance, a few years ago the public school in my home district of Lakota was demanding a tax increase on property values. 

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Never Mind Science’s Lobotomy Scar: NASA Climate Alarmists Only 38% Confident in Their Data

Perhaps the only people in this world more absurd than the fanatical religious crowd, are the fanatical science crowd.  Both groups are dogmatic extremists.  Bigots, really.  And both would ruin our society if left unchallenged.  Nowhere are the scientific dogmatists more dangerous than when the discussion turns to manmade climate change.

“Uncle Andy!  How dare you attack science!  Science is in the business of asking questions to understand our world!”

Science asks questions alright.  It’s just that when dissenters, critical thinkers, and skeptics ask questions of science, they are called “flat Earthers,” “deniers,” or worse.  Check out HUSSEIN Obama attacking people who would dare to question science…which is in the business of asking questions.  Plenty of other examples exist online of eggheads and talking heads going koo koo for Cocoa Puffs on so-called global warming deniers.

Check out the video below about a scientific medical procedure popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s, called the lobotomy.  That was science too.  All the science at the time said it was a sound idea to knock someone out with an electric shock therapy machine, and then jab an ice pick into the head just above the eyeball, and loosen up the front temporal lobe.  It’s true.  Check out the video.  That’s science for you.

Science has a long history of follies.  At one time or another, science has said smoking, red wine, margarine, coffee, chocolate and any number of other things were good or bad for you.  Well, which is it, science?  And how is that bleeding people with leeches working out?

And who could forget this charming bit of science?  Thirty years ago, we were warned about a coming Ice Age that would destroy us all.  Then it was the Ozone layer that was going to kill us all when your can of White Rain was destroying Antarctica.  Then it was manmade global warming.

Science is a lot like any religion at the end of the day.  The premise of every religion is “I better behave and toe the line, or something up there in the sky is going to kick me in the ass.”  And so it is with this myth of manmade global warming; if one does not perform rituals like recycling and curbing carbon output (while China continues to destroy the planet with pollution), or purchase indulgences like carbon credits, something big and bad in the sky will smite us.

Maybe science is actually too kooky to be called a religion.  I think cult is the more fitting term.

A few weeks ago, the manmade global warming crowd latched onto a NASA report which stated that 2014 was the hottest year on record for humanity.  This news from NASA was more ironclad proof that man was causing the Earth to heat up through his dastardly pollution.

There are just a few problems with this new so-called science from NASA.  First off, the claim that 2014 was the hottest year on record is ipso facto problematic.  There were many more years in the history of Earth in which our planet was far hotter.  How do you people think the glaciers of the Ice Age melted?  How did the glaciers get there to begin with, and cover a huge chunk of North America?

Because the Earth heated up and cooled down in cycles.  That’s how.  Who is to say we aren’t in such a climate ebb and flow now?

We’ve discussed this here in the Truth Emporium before.  We discussed just last Summer how tree ring data proved once again that the Earth used to be much warmer than it is now.  During medieval times, the Earth was significantly warmer.  Then the Earth cooled down for several centuries.  Now it is heating up again.  Climate is cyclical.

So what 2014 may have been a hot year?  It wasn’t nearly as warm as years past on this planet.

The second problem with this bombshell report on global warming from NASA is something that the fascists at CNN and MSNBC forget to mention:

NASA is only 38% sure the climate data they reported is even correct!

It’s true.  Check out this story from the Daily MailNASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies claimed that 2014 was the hottest year on record.  But then GISS admitted the alleged ‘record’ amounted to an increase over 2010, the previous ‘warmest year’, of just two-hundredths of a degree – or 0.02C. The margin of error is said by scientists to be approximately 0.1C – several times as much.

As a result, GISS’s director Gavin Schmidt has now admitted NASA thinks the likelihood that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880 is just 38 per cent. However, when asked by this newspaper whether he regretted that the news release did not mention this, he did not respond. Another analysis, from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, drawn from ten times as many measuring stations as GISS, concluded that if 2014 was a record year, it was by an even tinier amount. 

Its report said: ‘Numerically, our best estimate for the global temperature of 2014 puts it slightly above (by 0.01C) that of the next warmest year (2010) but by much less than the margin of uncertainty.

Since 1880, Earth’s average surface temperature has warmed by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius), a trend that is largely driven by the increase in carbon dioxide and other human emissions into the planet’s atmosphere

As NASA’s own chart shows, even if they nailed the data 100% correctly, the Earth is only 1.4’F warmer than it was in 1880.  We’ve gained a degree and some change in 135 years!  And the eggheads at NASA are only 38% of that much global warming!

This is science?  This is the science we’re supposed to cede the sovereignty and wealth of our country to global organizations for (while China, India, and others keep trashing earth)?  No way.

Wake up, you dumb sheeple.  You are being taken for a ride.

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Fairfield Township Tax Increase: The signs of a declining community

Uncle Andy:

The truth about greedy public unions. Sooey!

Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

No matter where you are in the world articles like this one are something you should pay attention to. Even though the story is a local one, gradually its contents will find you in whatever corner of the world you happen to reside. When I was a kid, Fairfield Township was one of the booming areas around the City of Cincinnati. With Jungle Jims bringing international attention to the area as one of the most unusual grocery stores in America, General Motors operating a parts plant off RT 4 and a number of other developments, Fairfield Township was the rising star of Ohio. I lived in neighboring Liberty Township and used to think the people who lived in Fairfield were rich and very lucky. Well, years of mismanagement and sheer stupidity have brought to the Township a promise of bankruptcy by 2018 unless the trustees put a 4.9 mill levy up…

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A Christopher Cornell False Flag: The possiblities of entrapment for political objectives

Uncle Andy:

I’ve said all along this Cornell capture was an entrapment scam by the Feds.

Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

There is something very fishy about the Christopher Cornell case in Harrison, Ohio where a twenty year old kid supposedly was planning to attack government officials in Washington D.C. Cornell wearing a very ISIS terrorist looking beard was arrested at a popular gun store in the suburb of Cincinnati by “government employees” and sent to a facility run by more government employees to be tried by more government employees. So it will be very interesting to see how much evidence comes out of the trial and of the relationship the kid had with the FBI between the weapon purchases recently made and the date where Cornell showed up at a 9/11 rally as a “truther” revealing his beliefs that the New York terrorist attack was an inside job. The mode of operation of this terrorist attack seems awfully close to motivations of the IRS in attacking conservative groups. After all…

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You Can’t Teach an Old Shogun New Tricks: The Sun is Setting on Japan and they Don’t Even Know it Yet

You can’t teach an old Shogun new tricks.  But in the case of Japan, you can sure keep try doing the same failed things over and over again, expecting a different outcome.

We been discussing Japan a great deal here in the Truth Emporium lately.  That’s because Japan is a great case study in how a nation-state should NOT be conducting itself.  From population implosion, to failed Keynesian economics, to a warhawk prime minister, and to a debt to GDP ratio that is pushing 250%, Japan is doing just about everything wrong these days.

Things are so rotten in Japan, that despite billions of dollars in Keynesian surplus being pumped into the economy to prop it up, the country still entered a recession again this year.  In the fact, according to this article from Bloomberg, the recession appears to be much worse than originally believed, despite the fact Japan’s economy was just soaked in a sea of red ink Keynesian funny money.  Things were so bad, that when news of the recession became official, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for general elections.

In most normal countries, when the economy tanks, there is a change in political leadership.  Or there is a revolution.  Not so in Tokyo.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party actually won a landslide victory in recent elections.  His party picked up 6 seats, in fact, to further it’s grip on power.  If that’s not an endorsement of Keynesian/Neo-Con/Abenomics, then I don’t know what is.  You can read more on the landslide victory for Abe here.

You can’t teach an old Shogun new tricks.

A Shogun was a hereditary military governor in Japan during medieval times.  Today the head of the Japanese government is called “prime minister”, the usage of the term “shogun” has continued somewhat. A retired prime minister who still wields considerable power and influence behind the scenes is called a yami shogun, or “shadow shogun.”  The title of shogun in Japan meant a military leader equivalent to general, and at various times in the first millennium shoguns held temporary power, but it became a symbol of military control over the country. (Source)

Thusly, given their long history of militarism, it should then come as no real shocker to us that one of the primary goals for Prime Minister’s Abe’s new term in office is to revise Japan’s constitution and actively protest what it calls “wrongful accusations” about the country’s wartime past.  You can read more here in this article from the Daily Mail:

The constitution was drafted by American forces that occupied Japan after its defeat in World War II, and has been interpreted to allow a military only for defensive purposes. What constitutes defensive purposes has been expanded over the years, most recently in July by a Cabinet reinterpretation of the constitution that allows the military to defend an ally, such as the U.S., in limited conditions under a concept known as “collective self-defense.”

While some Japanese are drawn to Abe’s attempts to project a stronger Japan to counter China’s rise, many embrace the constitution’s anti-war stance and are wary of any attempts to change that. Any nationalist-leaning initiatives would raise tensions with China and further sour ties with South Korea.

A more immediate issue will be Abe’s position on World War II history, whether he will return to a shrine that honors convicted Japanese war criminals among the war dead, and what statement he will make on the 70th anniversary of the end of that war next August.

His visit to Yasukuni shrine a year ago, on the first anniversary of taking office, angered China and South Korea, and the U.S. took the somewhat unusual step of expressing official disappointment.

Statements by Abe and by conservatives he has appointed to the board of Japan’s national broadcaster have raised doubts about his commitment to an official apology Japan made on the 50th anniversary of the war’s end, and to a 1993 apology to Korean and other women who worked in military-run brothels during the war, many against their will.

James Schoff, a Japan expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, worries that a huge victory for Abe’s party could embolden him to pursue his nationalist goals, rather than focus on bolstering the economy and U.S.-Japan security ties.

FILE - In this Friday, Aug. 15, 2014 file photo, Japanese men clad in outdated military costume march in to pay respects to the country's war dead at the Yas...

In this Friday, Aug. 15, 2014 file photo, Japanese men clad in outdated military costume march in to pay respects to the country’s war dead at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo as Japan marks the 69th anniversary of its surrender in World War II. A projected landslide victory for Japan¿s ruling party in national elections Sunday, Dec. 14 could give Prime Minister Shinzo Abe political breathing space to push forward with his long-held nationalist agenda. An immediate issue will be Abe¿s position on World War II history, whether he will return to the shrine that honors convicted Japanese war criminals among the war dead, and what statement he will make on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II next August. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara, File)

This is all some pretty deviant malarkey from Japan, a nation we refer to as an “ally” for some reason.  Japan trying to gloss over it’s flagrant World War II atrocities is only about two rungs lower on the absurdity ladder as Holocaust denial.

And don’t anybody bring up Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I debunked that talking point years ago.
In the Second World War, Japan was a war criminal.  It was an aggressor nation.  It’s rampage through the Pacific in 1941 and early 1942, along with it’s invasion of China and the Rape of Nanking, were all war crimes.  Japanese treatment of prisoners of war was an atrocity.  There is no denying any of this.  So why we allow our Japanese “allies” to deny it is mystifying.
Why we allow Japan to get away with half of what it does is mystifying really.  Why are we sticking our necks out for these people to tweak the beak of Red China, now the world’s largest economy?  The Japanese want us to defend them from China, but don’t want us on Okinawa to actually do so.  In other words, or boys are good enough to die for Japan, and you and I are good enough to pay taxes to defend them, but we’re not good enough to grace Japanese soil with out presence.

We have a large trading deficit with Japan too.

The U.S. goods trade deficit with Japan was $73.4 billion in 2013, a 4.0% decrease ($3.0 billion) over 2012. The U.S. goods trade deficit with Japan accounted for 10.7% of the overall U.S. goods trade deficit in 2013.  The United States has a services trade surplus of an estimated $19.6 billion with Japan in 2012 (latest data available), up 0.3% from 2011.Given Japan’s high tariffs on many imports, even those from their American “allies,” it is no surprise that the United States suffers from a high trade deficit with Tokyo.  The tariffs have caused high level diplomatic tension.  For policy wonking, you can even check out Japan’s tariff schedule.  It’s very high.

In other words, Japan keeps our goods off their shores, while they dump their dreck onto our shores.  Some “ally” we’ve got there, eh what?  I’d hate to see what Japan would do if they were an enemy!
Japan is a true basket case; fiscally, economically, culturally, and politically.  And yet we are treaty bound to defend Japan, despite all their blatant dysfunction.  It makes me think that George Washington was onto something when he warned us against “entangling alliances.”

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Hogs Feeding at the Trough: The Corrupt City of Fairfield Keeps Making it Rain

We have spoken many times in the past about the corruption here in Fairfield Ohio as it relates to both the city school district and the police force.  The Mafia has more integrity than the Fairfield Police Department or Fairfield City School District.

As we all know, your good ole’ Uncle Andy tries to be a fair man.  He tries to be reasonable and even handed.  In my reports to you about corruption, waste, and incompetence here in Fairfield, Ohio, I forgot to mention how badly run the city itself is.  Clearly, the local school district and police force are still the reigning supreme champions of malfeasance.  But the city administration finishes closely behind them in the corruption olympics.

Thanks to an income tax windfall, and recent charter amendment approved by hooplehead voters, Fairfield’s general fund is awash with cash.  For already overpaid city workers and pet projects of the corrupt administration, the proverbial bazaar is open!

According to a recent article by the Journal-News, Fairfield expects to spend $70.6 million for its 2015 budget, while revenues are expected to be $73.3 million, thanks partly to income tax funds returning to pre-recession levels, according to the city’s finance director.

The budget, passed by council, has spending increases in most departments.The police budget will increase by 4 percent and fire by 3 percent.

Administration will increase by 1.2 percent, economic development by 7 percent, finance by 5 percent, public works by 1 percent, parks by 3 percent, utilities by 4 percent and personnel/benefits by 6.6 percent. The fire department budget increased by 3.8 percent, while police will increase by 4.3 percent. Municipal court will increase by 5 percent, which is a departure from the norm.

Mark my words; these budget line item increases will be used for one thing: more pay increases for city workers!  It’s a damned disgrace!

We have mentioned in passing here in the Truth Emporium, how the selfish goon squad at Fairfield PD are.  Last March I wrote:

The story starts last year during the November 2012 election with a seemingly innocuous charter amendment on the ballot, which was successfully passed by dimwitted voters.  All you have to do is follow the money…straight into the pockets of unionized city workers here in Fairfield. 

The reallocation increased the general fund portion of the current 1.5% income tax from 1.1% to 1.2%. The capital improvement and street funds decreased from 0.2% each to 0.15% each.

Did you catch that?  Money for the general fund increased.  Money for streets, infrastructure, and capital went down.  As it turns out, what Fairfield meant by an increase in spending for the general fund, was actually just a means to provide salary increases for city workers.

Since the Fairfield city charter amendment was passed, freeing up more tax dollars earmarked for the general fund, every unionized city employee has been given a pay raise.  Check out the story here.

American Federation of County, State and Municipal Employees (AFCSME) members will receive a 2.72 percent raise. The raises will go out to 91 employees. The financial impact to the city will be about $92,000, said Mary Hopton, the city’s finance director. The city’s expenditures for this year are projected at $63.2 million. The raises take effect April 1 and are effective through March 31, 2014, which is the end of the contract.

Earlier this year, the firefighters received 3 percent raises, while police officers received a 2.48 percent increase. The firefighter raises were a $45,000 impact to the city; the impact of the police raises was not specified, but the city documentation shows the new hourly rates range $25.28 an hour for a beginning officer to $44.28 per hour for a lieutenant with 20 years’ service. The previous range was $24 to $43 an hour.

Lets focus on the hapless Fairfield Police Department for a moment, if we may.  Check out their recruitment brochure on the city’s website.  The starting base pay is $51,000.  After three years, that bumps up to $66,000.  I don’t believe these figures represent the newly enacted 3% pay raises though.  That would make the base salaries for police patrol officers in Fairfield, Ohio, after three years of service, virtually $70,000 a year. 

The base salary figure does not include overtime, court time, or other perks.  This is a gravy train, fellow citizens.

Not only did the gravy boating incompetents at Fairfield PD get a raise in 2013, but the new contract ratified a few weeks ago gives them even more of our money going forward over the next few years.  It is outrageous.

You can look at the story here.  The officers will receive a net increase of 2.66 percent, with the union and the city having approved a new three-year contract to run through 2017.  FOP’s supervisors unit, consisting of 13 sergeants and lieutenants, also received the raises, as did members of the International Union of Operating Engineers, and the American Federation of County, State and Municipal Employees. Members of the firefighters union received raises in March.  All together, the raises for all the unions will cost the city more than $230,000.

I’m glad to see these hogs are living high on our dime.

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Put That in Your Hookah Pipe and Smoke it: The Obamacare Tax Man Cometh for Hussein-Loving Hipsters

As much as I dislike Fuehrer B. HUSSEIN Obama, he’s still not as annoying as your typical smug hipster, with his beard and square glasses.  It was dimwitted white liberals who got this awful president elected – twice.  With Obamacare tax penalties set to kick in next year for those who have not obeyed the government mandate to purchase health insurance, the hipsters are about to reap what they have sown.  By April 15th, 2016 the swinging hipsters will be smacking the walls of their renovated condo lofts and wishing they’d voted like Uncle Andy and the other suburbanite, Americana squares with stick figure families in the back windshields of their cars.

Despite having moved the goal posts back for years and changing a legislative act of the US Congress by fiat dictate, additional portions of Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law will finally begin to go in effect next year.  This includes the feared tax penalty, which is a mystery, shrouded by a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma.

Now, your wise old Uncle Andy would like to believe himself to be a reasonably intelligent individual.  But the Obamacare tax penalty math equation to assess what’s owed by health insurance absconders has left both me and Good Will Hunting scratching our heads.  A gopultyguk, Common Korps math lesson is easier to unravel than this newspeak from the IRS.

Yahoo News has tried to explain the Obamacare tax penalty as well as anyone.  You can check out the story here.

The math is very confusing, like most convoluted tax laws in this country.  I would direct the attention of yuppy hipsters to the following example of a tax penalty under Obamacare for those who fail to purchase insurance:

Example 1: One-person household with no coverage for entire year

Say you are unmarried and live alone. During all of 2015, you have no minimum essential coverage. Your income for the year is $100,000. Your tax return filing threshold for the year is $10,300. Assume the monthly national average premium for bronze coverage for one person is $250 for 2015, which amounts to $3,000 for the entire year (12 x $250).

In your case, the percentage of income prong is $1,794 for 2015 [($100,000-$10,300) x 2%].

The dollar amount prong is $325.

The tentative penalty amount is $1,794 (greater of $1,794 or $325).

As stated, the annual national average cost of bronze coverage is assumed to be $3,000 for one person who is uncovered for all of 2015.

Therefore, your final penalty amount for failing to comply with the individual mandate is $1,794 (lesser of $1,794 or $3,000).

If your circumstances are the same in 2016, the final penalty amount for that year will probably be about $2,200. Ouch!

Catch that, hipsters?  You’ll pay a hefty tax penalty for not buying health insurance next year.  That’ll sure cut into the microbrew, dog park, artsy fartsy fund, won’t it?

For 2014, the national average cost for bronze coverage was $204 per person per month or $1,020 per month for a family of five or more. The 2015 national average for bronze coverage won’t be revealed until late next year.  That’s about the same cost as a basic, low-level catastrophic health insurance plan that has long been offered by the private insurance market.

And what does one get for this $200 per month Bronze tier Obamacare healthcare plan?  Forbes has the answer here.

The insurer will typically cover 60 percent of expected medical expenses in a bronze plan, 80 percent in a gold plan and 90 percent in a platinum plan. So, by buying the costlier plans, all you’re doing is fronting a higher premium to buy down your anticipated out of pocket costs. You’re not getting a better network of doctors or a better formulary of drugs.

It’s easy to see why many hipsters and Millennial scoundrels are skipping Obamacare…despite worshiping it’s namesake.  The bronze level plans offer little more than what has already been available for years top consumers, if they were so inclined to purchase insurance.  All Obamacare has done for consumers living above the Federal poverty line is either create a burdensome new tax, or profits for the insurance industry.

And that, boys and girls, is good old fashioned Fascism.  What else can you call it when the state and corporations are in cahootz to force private citizens to purchase a good or service, like healthcare, or else submit massive taxes to the government?

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What to Do About Fuehrer Obama and Amnesty?

Secession may be the real answer. What else can be done if the central government generally, and the executive branch particularly, breaks the Constitution, and neither the courts or the legislature will do anything about it?

The US Constitution is merely a compact between several stakeholders. It’s a contract between the People, sovereign States and the three branches of the central government. Every stakeholder in the contract has certain powers, rights, and duties…and has thereby ceded to the other parties in this contract certain privileges, rights, and responsibilities.

This concept of duties, privileges, and ceded powers is crucial to the Constitution. It is the system of checks and balances you have heard so much about. Each stakeholder under the Constitution has certain rights and powers that keep the other parties in line. Such was the genius of our Founding Fathers.

But when one or more parties to the Constitution grabs too much authority, or is not living up to it’s end of the contract, then like any compact, the agreement becomes null and void. This is exactly what’s taking place with the growing power of the executive branch. The federal government is utterly out of control and is breaking the Constitution we all agreed to. The executive branch is usurping powers reserved for the States, People, and other branches of the central government.

Part and parcel of the contract called the Constitution is the fact that the central government generally, and it’s individual three branches particularly, can only perform certain duties. The three branches of the federal government act as a check upon one another’s powers every bit as much as the federal government generally act as a check and balance upon the sovereign States and passions of the People.

What we have had for many years in the United States is an executive branch drunk with power, and addicted to it’s own growing tyranny. Dating back to even George Washington himself, the executive branch has slowly nibbled away at the powers of the branches of government. This expansion of power accelerated in the twentieth century, and exploded under Presidents Bush and Obama.

That takes us up to today, with President Obama unilaterally announcing defacto amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. This occurred even after Obama himself declared on numerous occasions he lacked the lawful, Constitutional authority to do so:

“With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations [of immigrants brought here illegally as children] through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed.”

— President Obama, March 28, 2011

So there you have it. Barack Obama himself said his own actions were illegal. What more do you need to know?

Moreover, what more do the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government need to know to take action to stop this illegal usurpation of power by the executive branch? Why has the legislative branch not used it’s power of the purse or even power of impeachment to act as a check upon the power of the President? Why have the courts not also intervened to check the power of the executive branch?

This is not only their Constitutional right, but their duty as well. And yet, no one is lifting a finger to make the executive branch obey the law.

In other words, the federal government has broken the contract it made with the People and sovereign States that we all call the US Constitution. The executive branch is usurping powers it does not have. The legislative and judicial branches are failing to do their respective duties to check this power grab by the executive branch.

The federal government is in breach of the contract it made with us. Is the contract now null and void?

The federal government does not have the lawful right to act in the manner it has been for some time now. And if government has no laws with which to justify it’s actions, then all it has is tyranny. Is that a yoke we wish to live under?

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Pay No Attention to That Counterfeiter Behind the Curtain: Red Ink is What Makes the World Go ‘Round

You’ve doubtlessly heard the phrase “Money makes the world go ’round.”  That’s only partially true.

The truth is: Money, drenched in red ink, accompanied by smoke and mirrors and a little shoestring and bubble gum, is what makes the world go ’round.  But for how long?  There are only so many squids in the ocean to get red ink from, and the printing presses have to stop producing greenbacks sometime or another.

The Keynesian printing presses won’t cease injecting global markets with artificial and unsustainable sugar highs anytime soon.  According to a USA Today article, stimulus is all that is keeping this little thing we call the global economy afloat.

“Stimulus is stimulating the market,” says Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Gary Kaltbaum, a money manager at Kaltbaum Capital Management, said the moves by China and the ECB today are part of what appears to be a coordinated effort by global bankers to inject fresh stimulus into the world’s financial system. The Bank of Japan recently boosted its stimulus measures as well. The U.S. Federal Reserve, of course, ended its market-friendly bond-buying program last month and is moving towards raising interest rates next year.

Central banks, Kaltbaum adds, remain the driving force in global markets. And remain a key reason why so-called risk assets, such as stocks, continue to rise.

“Just realize the few men and women (at the world’s central banks) that run the trillions (in dollars) that have been printed already — and that will be printed in the future — remain in control as this massive coordinated effort grows larger and larger.”

Catch that?  These insane Keynesians are proud of themselves for having printed trillions of fake paper dollars, with more on the way.

It really is criminal and outrageous what these Wall Street elites are getting away with.  Not only is Keynesian economics no good at providing sustained, true, long term economic vitality, but it devalues our currency and essentially makes saving money a bad investment.

It’s true.  We discussed just last week why Keynesian economics is a failure.

We have even discussed here in the Truth Emporium how Keynesian economics tilts the rules towards the rich and powerful.  As I said this past January:

Think about it.  All this funny money being produced by the Federal Reserve has crippled bond markets.  Who buys savings bonds anymore?  Nobody buys a ten year Treasury note.

Not even your parents or your grandparents.  Why?  Because there is no yield in bonds anymore.  It’s a bad investment, frankly.  There is no return on the investment, except possibly in some far distant date in the future when we’re all old and grey, and popping the blue pill.

The premise of quantitative easing is to print money to spur economic activity in the here and now.  If you’re an investor and want to make a quick buck, where do you go?  The stodgy old bond market, and wait around for 30 years for the investment to mature?  No way.  You’re going to Wall Street and rolling those dice on the stocks!

The stock market is being showered in all the easy money brought in by the speculators and banks, courtesy of the Federal Reserve’s printing presses.  And who owns stocks?  Who makes their living by investing?

The super wealthy, who don’t punch a time clock or collect a salary from a middle management job like you and I do.  The super wealthy the talking heads are referring to are not people who draw salaries, by and large.  They’re wealthy investors who make their rich living by trading stocks and dividends payouts.

This garbage will go on as long as you let it continue to happen.  Quit electing the Republikans and Demokrats.  They’re owned wholesale by the elites who benefit from these Corporatist policies.  Start looking out for your country, and stop getting caught up in the vitriol about which political party won’t let two women buy a rainbow wedding cake, or which party wants to hand out clean drug needles to junkies like toothpaste samples at a large urban street fair.

Despite what the Keynesians may tell you, this counterfeiting can’t go on forever.  Eventually, borrowing costs will scuttle further bond buying stimulus.  Then what will we do?

Wake up!

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