The Chickens of Police Brutality Have Come Home to Roost in Baltimore

Thanks to a long string of incidents such as the one above, the streets of Baltimore erupted into violence yesterday.  And I, for one, take minimal issue with it.

Baltimore’s City Council, as well as it’s City Solicitor, acknowledged the legacy of police misconduct in Baltimore.  Late last year, city council even voted to add body cameras to every police officer, according to this article.  The Baltimore Sun published details last month about more than 100 civil suits filed by people who said they suffered injuries during arrests.  Baltimore has paid $5.7 million in court judgments and settlements since 2011.

It was hoped that the increased transparency and accountability offered by the body cameras would improve police-community relations.  Baltimore City Council was hoping to stave off a conflagration like the nation witnessed yesterday with the body cameras, but to no avail.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake vetoed the body camera legislation passed by city council however.      The reasons cited by Mayor Rawlings-Blake for axing body cameras for the police force were cost and privacy.

Baltimore has a long and simmering trail of violence by it’s police force.  You can watch a video on the long history of police brutality in Baltimore here:

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The Rainbow Hand is Fisting Liberty: Why Religious Liberty Laws Are an Expression of Liberty

“Liberty means to exercise human rights in any manner a person chooses so long as it does not interfere with the exercise of the rights of others”  – Ron Paul, Liberty Defined

You wouldn’t really know it from the typical reaction of the intolerant Rainbow Hand to Indiana’s religious liberty law, but the entire social/political row is really much ado about nothing.  Few, if any businesses have turned away customers on the basis of their sexual orientation lately, and even fewer will do so as time marches onwards.  The Rainbow Hand simply wants something to whine about to further the cause, and Indiana’s religious liberty law tossed them a huge slab of red meat for that very purpose.  Behind the scenes, the Rainbow Hand is fist pumping over what Indiana did.

The Indiana religious liberty law is precisely that: a protection of Liberty.  You have a natural right to refuse to serve someone, for any reason, on private property.  You even have the natural right to refuse service for odious, absurd, offensive, mean-spirited reasons like discrimination.

Liberty, as we all know, begins with the principle of self-ownership.  We all own ourselves, our lives, and our bodies.  We have the natural freedom to do whatever we wish with our lives, bodies, and property so long as we are not infringing upon or depriving someone else of his or her natural rights.

You are your own property.  To deny this in any way is to say that someone else has a higher claim to your life than you do.  If someone else has a higher claim to your life than you do, then that makes you a slave or a serf.  What else do you call an individual whose life is owned by someone else?

But you’re not a slave or a serf, obviously.  So you do own yourself, at all times.

You are, after all, the exclusive controller of your own life, property, and body, and no one may aggress against you unless your actions directly threaten the life, property, or rights of someone else.

“But Uncle Andy!  When you open a business, you have to serve the public!  You can’t just do whatever you want!  It’s da law!  The law says so!  The law!  The law!  The law!”

Tyrannical, Statist lies. No one cedes their right to self-ownership because they open a business. or even work for one.

The difference between refusing to make Rainbow cakes and being disallowed from tossing plutonium down the drains is easy to see. You don’t have a right to obtain a Rainbow cake. Your natural rights or safety are not endangered by being refused a Rainbow cake. The same cannot be said if someone dumps nuclear waste down the sewer. That does endanger public safety and public health, and infringes upon the rights and self-ownership of others.

I don’t have a right to go onto someone else’s property and demand they furnish me with a good or service. I don’t have a higher claim upon the life of someone else than do they themselves.

Sorry. Nobody cedes their right to agency over themselves and self-ownership just because they open a business. Even if said business is in a sparse area. You own yourself all the same, and have Liberty to do as you please until your actions deprive someone else of his rights.

You don’t have the moral right to make other people furnish you with things. It’s that simple.

I love the Statists who speak on and on about “da law.” The law in dozens of States, unmolested by the courts, says that these religious liberty laws are perfectly valid. The law is on the side of Indiana. Whatever that’s worth. So the folks tossing around lofty bleating about “the law” are rather absurd for opposing Indiana’s recent legislation on legal grounds. The law allows for what Indiana did.

The law. Ha. What is the law good for. The Holocaust was perfectly legal in Germany at the time. Slavery was perfectly legal too. Dred Scott was decided lawfully. Plessy was lawful too for a time…until magically Brown said it wasn’t. Shows you what the “law” is worth.

I’m referring to our natural and inalienable rights anyway. You don’t have the right to force someone else to furnish you with a good or service. You don’t own other people. Other people are not your property. Other people are free born and sovereign. So how can you use force and coercion to compel them to provide you with goods or services?

Answer: you cannot do such a thing. Not morally, anyway. You can use force, to be certain, like any common thug would do. But such transactions would be made under duress and are wholly illegitimate and immoral. It’s exploitation and tyranny, really. Why would any person choose coercion and thuggery over voluntary exchanges?

“But Uncle Andy!   Senator Elizabeth Warren, ole’ Fauxcahontas herself, told me that you don’t really own private property or a business because the collective built the infrastructure that leads to your home or business!  There are consequences when you decide to open a business in public!”

More Statist malarkey. Driving on a road doesn’t cede my natural right of self-ownership. I paid for that infrastructure anyway with my tax dollars. I paid my fair share.

Oh but self-ownership, and the Liberty which logically accompanies it, very much means I can operate as I please, up until the juncture my actions harm someone else or violate their rights. And there can be several sorts of consequences for our actions, short of the thuggish intervention of the state.

For example, if a business were to discriminate against gays, or even thought to be potentially capable of engaging in prejudicial conduct, it could be boycotted as many in Indiana are as we speak. Many businesses such as Wal-Mart are eschewing openly the idea of turning away gay customers. Private citizens of all sorts, in business or not, are choosing to exercise their Liberty in such a fashion as to peacefully inform the market that discrimination, or even the perception of it, will not be tolerated by consumers. It seems to me that private citizens are handling this issue quiet nicely so far. Why even involve the state?

Self-ownership isn’t worth much if it evaporates like a fart in the wind every time I leave my home, walk on a sidewalk, or interact with anyone in any capacity. If our right to agency over ourselves disappears with every pretense, we may as well not even own ourselves.

But luckily, we do own ourselves, at all times, in all settings.

A private person acting in a private fashion has no duty to address discrimination. The state has a duty to act in a fairhanded manner. But not a private person.

Yes, that’s odious and repugnant. But that’s Liberty. You and I also have the Liberty to apply peaceful pressure to see to it that others, particularly in business, do not act in a discriminatory fashion. But we have no moral right to initiate force against others.

“But Uncle Andy!  What about people who live in rural areas, and may lack options to go elsewhere if turned down for service by a private business!  The right to refuse service of that business owner should be compromised!”

Liberty and self-ownership aren’t ceded in the boondocks.  Compromised is ceded. Your right to self-ownership and Liberty is absolute. It is not contingent or dependent upon the nearby population density of a particular geographical point, nor upon whether one opens a business or not.
“But Uncle Andy!  No one forced you to open a business!  You have to toe the collectivist line when you open a business!”
That’s right. I have the natural right to exercise my Liberty in such a fashion as to open a business. That doesn’t cede my sovereignty over myself. My only moral duty as a business owner is not violate the natural rights of others. This is why I would have a duty to make sure arsenic doesn’t end up in the food, or that my building structure is sound. In short, I have a duty to public safety. I have a duty not to violate the rights of others. That’s it.

And since you have no right to obtain goods and services from me, denying you service in no way deprives you of any Liberty. It may well be rude, annoying, uncivil, and downright mean-spirited to deny you goods and services. But you have no moral right to initiate force against me for being rude.

Why do you have a right to apply force to coerce me into providing you with things against my will?

I cease to own myself when any immoral amount of force is applied against me. When you apply force against me to coerce me into providing a good or service someone, you have deprived me of agency over myself. That’s what force is.  So what do you call it when you coerce me into providing someone with a good or service against my will? I call it force.
“But Uncle Andy!  You make concessions when opening a business!  You have obligations to protected classes”
The only concession I make when opening a business is to respect the natural rights of others. I have no obligation to anyone else, short of not trampling their Liberty or natural rights. To say that I have an obligation to someone is to again cede my Liberty.  You have the moral right to refuse to provide anything to anybody, short of trampling their Liberty.
You have the right to force me to do things because you were born black, gay, etc? Poppycock. I still own myself and have agency over myself, whether you were born something or elected voluntarily to join a group of some kind.
I’m not obliged to serve anyone else. Other people don’t own me. Others have no moral right to make me do anything. Even if they’re from this artificially contrived “protected class” you speak of. If I am not obliged to an individual person, as you acknowledge, then why would I be obliged to a whole class of people? Groups of people have no more right to trample my sovereignty over myself, even while owning a business, any more than a lone individual from said group has a right to trample my sovereignty over myself.

No, a business isn’t a person. But the people who run the business are free born, sovereign people. Those individuals do not cede their right of ownership over themselves personally simply because they opened a business.

That’s Liberty: the freedom to do things others may disagree with.  You, in turn, have the freedom to protest, boycott, and complain about conduct with which you disagree.  Isn’t that a far better arrangement than involving the hamhanded thuggery of the state?  I think so.
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The Phantom Kids of Lakota: Losing 100 baby sitters and the desire to hire more

Uncle Andy:


Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

All public schools are the same, so my national readers should find the story regarding my Lakota local palatable—and informative. Lakota is hiring more baby sitters in the disguise of teachers. The superintendent and teacher union president believe “high-quality teachers are in demand, making it critical that we get out in the job market and start recruiting early. We are looking for teachers who are well-trained in their specialty areas, care deeply about each child’s success and are committed members of our schools and our community.” Also according to the official school newspaper, Today’s Pulse “a more diverse staff to match the 26 percent racial diversity among Lakota students is important in future hiring.” No wonder most people leave that free paper at the end of their driveway destined directly for the trash. The cause of this hiring need is that 100 teachers recently retired leaving staffing positions vacated—hence the…

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Doling Out Some Tolerance: Rainbow Hand Gearing Up to Smack Around a Dissenter

A woman as brave as anybody I can recollect in these trying times of uber-politikal correctness, recently wrote a letter to a Christian publication to express her disapproval of same sex marriage.  Why is this a big deal?  She was raised by two lesbians.

That commotion you now hear in the background is the Rainbow Hand, gearing up to dole out some tolerance.  This lady should probably think about changing her name to something else and moving.  By the time the Rainbow Hand gets done showing how much it loves tolerance, she’ll wish her name was George Zimmerman or something.

So, who would dare to question modern day orthodoxy on the issue of “marriage equality,” especially if she was raised by two mothers?  That would be South Carolina mother of four, Heather Barwick, aged 31.  You can read Heather’s whole essay here, courtesy of the Federalist.  She opens her letter with:

“Gay community, I am your daughter. My mom raised me with her same-sex partner back in the ’80s and ’90s.  I’m writing to you because I’m letting myself out of the closet: I don’t support gay marriage. But it might not be for the reasons that you think. It’s not because you’re gay. I love you, so much. It’s because of the nature of the same-sex relationship itself.”

Heather also said “Same-sex marriage and parenting withholds either a mother or father from a child while telling him or her that it doesn’t matter. That it’s all the same. But it’s not,” she writes. “A lot of us, a lot of your kids, are hurting. My father’s absence created a huge hole in me, and I ached every day for a dad. I loved my mom’s partner, but another mom could never have replaced the father I lost.”

The lamestream media has ignored this story so far.  Only hate filled bloggers and message board warriors seeking to force feed you Rainbow wedding cake are commenting.  Blatant double standards by the media when it comes to covering the Rainbow Hand are nothing new, as we have discussed before.

I will at least credit Yahoo! Parenting writer Beth Greenfield for being reasonable and civil in her criticism of Heather Barwick.  I wish I could say the same for some of the comments on the story from her blog.  The Rainbow Hand is out in full force showing just how tolerant they are.  Check it out for yourself.  It’s appalling.

What else did you expect from the bigoted looney tunes of the Rainbow Hand?  Bigots crazy enough to shoot up the Family Research Council, as one pro-gay activist did a few years back, are certainly capable of a hoax kidnapping.  A Lesbian activist from Nebraska even carved Christian symbols into her own flesh to fake a hate crime.  A waitress recently also faked an incident of intolerance for lesbians.  As we saw recently with the fracas over Chick-Fil-A and gay marriage, the true bigots in our society aren’t Bible thumping conservatives, but rather liberals.  An athlete from Canada was also attacked by the Rainbow Hand for the trifling offense of taking a selfie with Vladimir Putin during last year’s Sochi Olympics.  Tony Dungy was even attacked for expressing questions about same sex marriage.  A gay activist even recently staged a hoax hate crime, claiming he was kidnapped and locked in the trunk of his car.

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The Boi Who Lisped Wolf: Rainbow Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar With Yet Another Hoax Crime

These stories are becoming as common as Priuses with bumper stickers nestled side by side which both praise dronemaster Obama and call for us all to “Coexist.”  A Cincinnati gay rights activist has been arrested and charged for faking his own kidnapping.  This is only the latest in a long string of hoax crimes that have been staged by GLBT activists.

Late on the night of March 2nd, Adam Hoover Tweeted and posted to Facebook that he had been kidnapped by armed men who had stuffed him into the trunk of his own car, and threatened with death.

Hoover sent a message out on Facebook (above) and Twitter saying individuals were threatening to kill him and his family

This caused thousands of re-Tweets and  a flurry of activity on social media.  Eventually, Mr. Hoover’s car was found and he was let out of his trunk.  From there, the story quickly unraveled, and by 7 AM the following morning, he had been charged with a crime for the hoax kidnapping.

As soon as I heard about the story, I knew it was a hoax.  If you’ve been kidnapped, why Tweet and post to Facebook about it?  Call 911.  And what kind kidnapper tosses his victim into the trunk without checking to see if they have a phone or tying them up?

You can read the whole story here, courtesy of the Daily Mail.  Kudos to this British newspaper once again, for covering the whole story; even portions that make liberals squirm.  The Mail did a better job than even local media covering the fact that Adam Hoover was a prominent local activist and agitator for GLBT causes.  That fact was mentioned only in passing by local media for a single day, and then the whole thing was dropped like a hot potato.

The story didn’t fit the template, you see.  Blatant double standards by the media when it comes to covering the Rainbow Hand are nothing new, as we have discussed before.  But let someone who is a Christian or a conservative so much as sneeze improperly in the direction of a rainbow,  it gets massive media coverage and outrage.  When members of the GLBT act up however, the media is loath to discuss it for long.

What would happen if a local anti-gay activist staged a hoax kidnapping?  It would be big news…just as it every time a TV preacher or Republican politician gets caught up in some sort of gay sex scandal.  When will there be some accountability for the vocal extremist minority in the GLBT community?

Has Adam Hoover been booted out of the GLBT movement here in Ohio?  Nope.

Check out the Facebook Page for Marriage Equality Ohio.  The group posted a small message of no great importance about the incident.  Mr.Hoover’s actions were not condemned.  Nor was he removed from leadership in Marriage Equality Ohio.  Barring whatever legal ramifications Mr. Hoover may face, which will be trivial if he is a first-time offender, there are going to be few consequences for this guy.

Yet, the GLBT community demands accountability, vengeance, and public shaming of anyone who runs afoul of their Progressive agenda.  The double standard is obvious.  Progressives revel in double standards.

The ends justify the means, says a Progressive.  No matter what.  Lies, crimes, or ruining people doesn’t phase them an eyelash if it’s in pursuit of a cause.  Any cause.

What else did you expect from the bigoted looney tunes of the Rainbow Hand?  Bigots crazy enough to shoot up the Family Research Council, as one pro-gay activist did a few years back, are certainly capable of a hoax kidnapping.  A Lesbian activist from Nebraska even carved Christian symbols into her own flesh to fake a hate crime.  A waitress recently also faked an incident of intolerance for lesbians.  As we saw recently with the fracas over Chick-Fil-A and gay marriage, the true bigots in our society aren’t Bible thumping conservatives, but rather liberals.  An athlete from Canada was also attacked by the Rainbow Hand for the trifling offense of taking a selfie with Vladimir Putin during last year’s Sochi Olympics.

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War on Women: Senator Hitlery Rotten Klinton Paid Female Staffers Less than Males

In the goosestepping march and oom pah pah band drumbeat leading up to the 2016 sham election, you’ll be bombarded with rhetoric about the Republikan “War on Women.”  I can assure you that we will all be thoroughly sick and tired of the “War on Women” mantra by the time of the New Hampshire Primary in 2016, and will be fighting a gag reflex about the issue by Halloween of that year.

Get ready for it.  It is unstoppable.  Like it or lump it.

One aspect of the “War on Women” you will be forcefed propaganda about, involves wage disparities between the genders.  Men are paid more than women because those who stand up to urinate dominate the world and leverage their privilege in an unholy cabal to oppress females.  It’s a classic Marxist talking point, actually.

There are all sorts of rational, reasonable, coherent explanations that account for why males in the workforce make more than females.  Males dominate, fairly or unfairly, high-paying job fields in technology and engineering.  Females tend to gravitate towards fields of work that traditionally pay less, like teaching.

Moreover, when a family members needs care, such as an ailing parent or a child, it is the female who generally leaves the workforce or takes a leave of absence to provide said care.  Males have and can certainly take care of a sick child or parent, but overwhelmingly, this role falls upon woman.  The net result of this role as caretaker is that females lose valuable seniority and experience, thus leading to lower wages.

I wonder if the lamestream media will ask former Senator and Secretary of Hate, and presumptive Demokratic Party presidential nominee, Hitlery Rotten Klinton why she fired her own misogynistic salvo in the War on Women.  While a carpetbagger Senator for New York in the first years of this century, Klinton paid female staffers less than males.

It’s true.  Check out this article on the subject, courtesy of the Washington Times.  Klinton paid female staffers 72 cents less than her aides who possessed testicles.

From 2002 to 2008, the median annual salary for Mrs. Clinton’s female staffers was $15,708.38 less than what was paid to men, the report said. Women earned a slightly higher median salary than men in 2005, coming in at $1.04. But in 2006, they earned 65 cents for each dollar men earned, and in 2008, they earned only 63 cents on the dollar, The Free Beacon reported.

I wonder if the media will play gotcha with Mrs. Klinton on this topic?  Somehow, I doubt it.
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A List of Proven False Flags: How many can you name not yet clarified?

Uncle Andy:

There are such things as false flags, whether Statists like it or not.

Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

“A history of false flag attacks used to manipulate the minds of the people! In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I occasionally discuss false flags created by governments and organizations to induce a given social reaction.  I don’t believe everything is a conspiracy theory, or a false flag but I am extremely distrustful of conglomerations of people when they are trying “collectively” to get something done.  I read the work of Friedrich Nietzsche at a very young age and his view of the individual versus the collective—such as the phrase above—have become a fundamental part of the way I view the world largely because I have been able to confirm the results with experience.  For instance, a few years ago the public school in my home district of Lakota was demanding a tax increase on property values. 

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Never Mind Science’s Lobotomy Scar: NASA Climate Alarmists Only 38% Confident in Their Data

Perhaps the only people in this world more absurd than the fanatical religious crowd, are the fanatical science crowd.  Both groups are dogmatic extremists.  Bigots, really.  And both would ruin our society if left unchallenged.  Nowhere are the scientific dogmatists more dangerous than when the discussion turns to manmade climate change.

“Uncle Andy!  How dare you attack science!  Science is in the business of asking questions to understand our world!”

Science asks questions alright.  It’s just that when dissenters, critical thinkers, and skeptics ask questions of science, they are called “flat Earthers,” “deniers,” or worse.  Check out HUSSEIN Obama attacking people who would dare to question science…which is in the business of asking questions.  Plenty of other examples exist online of eggheads and talking heads going koo koo for Cocoa Puffs on so-called global warming deniers.

Check out the video below about a scientific medical procedure popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s, called the lobotomy.  That was science too.  All the science at the time said it was a sound idea to knock someone out with an electric shock therapy machine, and then jab an ice pick into the head just above the eyeball, and loosen up the front temporal lobe.  It’s true.  Check out the video.  That’s science for you.

Science has a long history of follies.  At one time or another, science has said smoking, red wine, margarine, coffee, chocolate and any number of other things were good or bad for you.  Well, which is it, science?  And how is that bleeding people with leeches working out?

And who could forget this charming bit of science?  Thirty years ago, we were warned about a coming Ice Age that would destroy us all.  Then it was the Ozone layer that was going to kill us all when your can of White Rain was destroying Antarctica.  Then it was manmade global warming.

Science is a lot like any religion at the end of the day.  The premise of every religion is “I better behave and toe the line, or something up there in the sky is going to kick me in the ass.”  And so it is with this myth of manmade global warming; if one does not perform rituals like recycling and curbing carbon output (while China continues to destroy the planet with pollution), or purchase indulgences like carbon credits, something big and bad in the sky will smite us.

Maybe science is actually too kooky to be called a religion.  I think cult is the more fitting term.

A few weeks ago, the manmade global warming crowd latched onto a NASA report which stated that 2014 was the hottest year on record for humanity.  This news from NASA was more ironclad proof that man was causing the Earth to heat up through his dastardly pollution.

There are just a few problems with this new so-called science from NASA.  First off, the claim that 2014 was the hottest year on record is ipso facto problematic.  There were many more years in the history of Earth in which our planet was far hotter.  How do you people think the glaciers of the Ice Age melted?  How did the glaciers get there to begin with, and cover a huge chunk of North America?

Because the Earth heated up and cooled down in cycles.  That’s how.  Who is to say we aren’t in such a climate ebb and flow now?

We’ve discussed this here in the Truth Emporium before.  We discussed just last Summer how tree ring data proved once again that the Earth used to be much warmer than it is now.  During medieval times, the Earth was significantly warmer.  Then the Earth cooled down for several centuries.  Now it is heating up again.  Climate is cyclical.

So what 2014 may have been a hot year?  It wasn’t nearly as warm as years past on this planet.

The second problem with this bombshell report on global warming from NASA is something that the fascists at CNN and MSNBC forget to mention:

NASA is only 38% sure the climate data they reported is even correct!

It’s true.  Check out this story from the Daily MailNASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies claimed that 2014 was the hottest year on record.  But then GISS admitted the alleged ‘record’ amounted to an increase over 2010, the previous ‘warmest year’, of just two-hundredths of a degree – or 0.02C. The margin of error is said by scientists to be approximately 0.1C – several times as much.

As a result, GISS’s director Gavin Schmidt has now admitted NASA thinks the likelihood that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880 is just 38 per cent. However, when asked by this newspaper whether he regretted that the news release did not mention this, he did not respond. Another analysis, from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, drawn from ten times as many measuring stations as GISS, concluded that if 2014 was a record year, it was by an even tinier amount. 

Its report said: ‘Numerically, our best estimate for the global temperature of 2014 puts it slightly above (by 0.01C) that of the next warmest year (2010) but by much less than the margin of uncertainty.

Since 1880, Earth’s average surface temperature has warmed by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius), a trend that is largely driven by the increase in carbon dioxide and other human emissions into the planet’s atmosphere

As NASA’s own chart shows, even if they nailed the data 100% correctly, the Earth is only 1.4’F warmer than it was in 1880.  We’ve gained a degree and some change in 135 years!  And the eggheads at NASA are only 38% of that much global warming!

This is science?  This is the science we’re supposed to cede the sovereignty and wealth of our country to global organizations for (while China, India, and others keep trashing earth)?  No way.

Wake up, you dumb sheeple.  You are being taken for a ride.

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Fairfield Township Tax Increase: The signs of a declining community

Uncle Andy:

The truth about greedy public unions. Sooey!

Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

No matter where you are in the world articles like this one are something you should pay attention to. Even though the story is a local one, gradually its contents will find you in whatever corner of the world you happen to reside. When I was a kid, Fairfield Township was one of the booming areas around the City of Cincinnati. With Jungle Jims bringing international attention to the area as one of the most unusual grocery stores in America, General Motors operating a parts plant off RT 4 and a number of other developments, Fairfield Township was the rising star of Ohio. I lived in neighboring Liberty Township and used to think the people who lived in Fairfield were rich and very lucky. Well, years of mismanagement and sheer stupidity have brought to the Township a promise of bankruptcy by 2018 unless the trustees put a 4.9 mill levy up…

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A Christopher Cornell False Flag: The possiblities of entrapment for political objectives

Uncle Andy:

I’ve said all along this Cornell capture was an entrapment scam by the Feds.

Originally posted on Overmanwarrior's Wisdom:

There is something very fishy about the Christopher Cornell case in Harrison, Ohio where a twenty year old kid supposedly was planning to attack government officials in Washington D.C. Cornell wearing a very ISIS terrorist looking beard was arrested at a popular gun store in the suburb of Cincinnati by “government employees” and sent to a facility run by more government employees to be tried by more government employees. So it will be very interesting to see how much evidence comes out of the trial and of the relationship the kid had with the FBI between the weapon purchases recently made and the date where Cornell showed up at a 9/11 rally as a “truther” revealing his beliefs that the New York terrorist attack was an inside job. The mode of operation of this terrorist attack seems awfully close to motivations of the IRS in attacking conservative groups. After all…

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