Piggly Wiggly Oinker School Superintendents Are Getting Rich on Your Dime

In a story researched and published by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the graft, greed, sloth, and general corruption of racketeering local public schools is on full display.  These local public schools are operated by crime syndicates.  So it only stands to reason that the slimebag, fatso, covetous, greedy, lousy crime bosses – ie the district superintendents – would be lining their pockets through their nearly criminal enterprises.

The compensation arrangements for local public schools superintendents are lavish, outlandish, and unreasonable.  Given some of the salary and benefit packages being promised to these oinking thug superintendents, it is truly astounding and insulting that these school districts have the nerve to cajole, threaten, and bully taxpayers for more and more levies.  You’re an idiot if you vote for a school levy.

In Ohio, the average superintendent’s pay grew 4.5 percent – from $98,637 to $103,093 – from 2008 to 2011. In Southwest Ohio, superintendents averaged a 5 percent salary gain, from $117,140 for a typical superintendent to $123,008.

Kentucky’s average superintendent salaries grew 6.3 percent in that time, from $113,256 to $120,390. In Northern Kentucky, superintendent salaries grew 4 percent, from $121,876 to $126,462.

Among the Cincinnati area’s 49 school districts:

• At least 46 pay their superintendents’ contributions to the state retirement fund at a rate of 10 percent of his or her salary. Most teachers pay their own 10 percent contribution.

• At least 21 create and fund separate annuity accounts for their superintendents, contributing to them annually. Most teachers don’t have district-funded annuities.

• At least 24 pay superintendents’ Medicare taxes. Most teachers pay this tax through payroll deductions.

• At least 34 pay mileage or monthly car allowances for superintendents, 23 pay for or provide a cellphone and 10 provide a credit card for district business.

According to the Hamilton County Audtor, a Cincinnati homeowner already pays $1,324 a year in property taxes for Cincinnati Public Schools tax levies levies.  That figure does not include any other additional municipal or county property taxes. 

Compare local school superintendents’ pay:

DistrictAscending County Superintendent New Salary  
Batavia Local Clermont Alison Grubb $98,954.00 Details   
Beechwood Kenton Robert Steve Hutton $115,000.00 Details   
Bellevue Campbell Wayne Starnes $131,306.00 Details   
Bethel-Tate Local Clermont Melissa Kircher $99,000.00 Details   
Boone Boone Randy Poe $182,730.00 Details   
Campbell Co. Campbell Glen Miller $135,675.00 Details   
Carlisle Local Warren Larry Hook $113,000.00 Details   
Cincinnati City Hamilton Mary Ronan $99,000.00 Details   
Clermont Northeastern Local Clermont Ralph Shell $90,000.00 Details   
Covington Kenton Lynda Jackson $135,000.00 Details   
Dayton Campbell Jay Brewer $125,000.00 Details   
Deer Park Community City Hamilton Jeffrey Langdon $118,000.00 Details   
Edgewood City Butler Douglas Lantz $110,000.00 Details   
Erlanger-Elsmere Kenton Kathlyn Burkhardt $130,000.00 Details   
Fairfield City Butler Paul Otten $125,000.00 Details   
Felicity-Franklin Local Clermont Glenn Moore $82,500.00 Details   
Finneytown Local Hamilton Alan Robertson $131,428.00 Details   
Forest Hills Local Hamilton Dallas Jackson $147,500.00 Details   
Fort Thomas Campbell Gene Kirchner $159,600.00 Details   
Franklin City Warren Arnol Elam $108,150.00 Details   
Gallatin County Gallatin Dorothy B. Perkins $107,089.00 Details   
Goshen Local Clermont Darrell Edwards $115,000.00 Details   
Grant County Grant Ronald Livingood $116,926.00 Details   
Hamilton City Butler Janet T. Baker $112,651.00 Details   
Indian Hill Exempted Village Hamilton Mark Miles $155,000.00 Details   
Kenton County Kenton Terri Cox-Cruey $153,000.00 Details   
Kings Local Warren Valerie Browning $125,800.00 Details   
Lakota Local Butler Karen Mantia $165,000.00 Details   
Lebanon City Warren Mark North $123,916.00 Details   
Little Miami Local Warren Greg Power $104,000.00 Details   
Lockland Local Hamilton Donna Hubbard (fired Aug2012) $81,600.00 Details   
Loveland City Hamilton John Marschhausen $129,000.00 Details   
Ludlow Kenton Michael Borchers $128,000.00 Details   
Madeira City Hamilton Stephen Kramer $115,000.00 Details   
Madison Local Butler Curtis Philpot $99,600.00 Details   
Mariemont City Hamilton Paul Imhoff $132,745.00 Details   
Mason City Warren Gail Kist-Kline $170,000.00 Details   
Middletown City Butler Greg Rasmussen $130,000.00 Details   
Milford Exempted Village Clermont Robert Farrell $110,000.00 Details   
Monroe Local Butler Elizabeth Lolli (resigned Aug2012) $117,957.00 Details   
Mt Healthy City Hamilton Lori Handler $110,000.00 Details   
New Miami Local Butler David Gibson $98,500.00 Details   
New Richmond Exempted Village Clermont Adam Bird $110,000.00 Details   
Newport Campbell Kelly Middleton $170,000.00 Details   
North College Hill City Hamilton Gary Gellert $98,172.00 Details   
Northwest Local Hamilton Rick Glatfelter $104,800.00 Details   
Norwood City Hamilton Robert Amodio $105,000.00 Details   
Oak Hills Local Hamilton Michael Todd Yohey $135,150.00 Details   
Pendleton Pendleton Ronald Anthony Strong $125,706.00 Details   
Princeton City Hamilton William Gary Pack $140,000.00 Details   
Reading Community City Hamilton L. Scott Inskeep $132,276.00 Details   
Ross Local Butler Gregory M. Young $105,000.00 Details   
Silver Grove Campbell Kenneth Ellis $115,000.00 Details   
Southgate Campbell James Palm $70,248.00 Details   
Southwest Local Hamilton Chris R. Brown $112,000.00 Details   
Springboro Community City Warren Todd Petrey $130,000.00 Details   
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City Hamilton Mary “Mimi” Webb $107,347.00 Details   
Sycamore Community City Hamilton Adrienne James $164,500.00 Details   
Talawanda City Butler Kelly Spivey $109,000.00 Details   
Three Rivers Local Hamilton Rhonda Bohannon $135,900.00 Details   
Walton-Verona Boone Robert Storer $91,735.00 Details   
Wayne Local Warren Patrick Dubbs (also tport dir) $123,091.00 Details   
West Clermont Local Clermont Gary Brooks $118,000.00 Details   
Williamsburg Local Clermont Matthew Earley $99,000.00 Details   
Williamstown Grant Sally Skinner $108,267.00 Details   
Winton Woods City Hamilton Camille Nasbe $128,375.00 Details   
Wyoming City Hamilton Susan Lang $145,000.00 Details   

Pay special attention to the Fairfield City Schools Superintendent, Paul Otten.  This scoundrel not only makes $125,000 a year, but he also gets a free cell phone and a $300 car allowance, amongst other goodies.  What a racket.  Check out his whole lavish contract here.

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